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Amo Mostofi – Content Manager
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Welcome to I-Gaming Forum 2014

The landscape of online gambling is changing. Denmark liberalized their market in 2012 and last year Norway elected a new government which opened up for a possible liberalization. Will they chose the same path as Denmark? Will this have an impact on Sweden and Finland? In November 2013 the EU-commission launched infringement proceedings against six member states and threatened to take Sweden to Europe’s highest court. Find out what has happened since then. For the 6th year in a row, I-gaming Forum continues to bring together key stakeholders from the online gaming industry sharing their experience, knowledge and visions on an evolving industry.

Some of the key topics addressed on this year’s agenda:
  • Latest regulatory update – what has happened since the EU-Commission launched infringement proceedings?
  • Outlook Scandinavia – Norway possibly a new deregulated market?
  • Latest trends and development in mobile gaming and mobile gambling
  • Social gaming and social gambling
  • Match fixing – can it be fixed?
Do not miss this great opportunity to gain new insights and network with key stakeholders and peers!

Welcome to I-gaming Forum 2014!

Amo Mostofi - Content Manager I-gaming forum 2014


Benefits of attending:

  • Meet and network with the leading online gambling operators
  • Listen to the latest regulatory developments
  • Take note of current trends and developments in mobile and social gaming
  • Hear how different stakeholders work against match fixing

I-gaming Forum 2014

  • Regulatory update – First step towards harmonization?
  • Outlook Norway – What will happen and when?
  • Match fixing – Can it be fixed?
  • The war of Marketing – New possibilities for event-marketing
  • The smart gamble - The outlook for mobile gambling


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