{Hard}core – The New Black of the Industry?


The majority of the gaming events focus on mobile gaming, social gaming, big data, business intelligence, altcoins … – the list goes on and on. Is that all that that needs to be discussed, stated, evaluate and promoted?

Let’s take a look at the last couple of months and the waves of M&A’s: Bwin.party got acquired by GVC, Ladbrokes merged with Coral, and Paddy Power and Betfair agreed to a 6bn £ deal – which is pushing them on top of the game as the world’s biggest listed gaming operator. Sharing the burden seems to be the new black as operators are obviously facing increased regulatory pressures, skyrocketing taxes and tough legal changes.

If you want to survive in this harsh environment, you better work on the best breed of business, product and management – even as a giant. What about the small operators? Experts advise: Focus on niche markets, new products, pick markets with different rules and be agile.

You need to BE the core or be hardcore to survive.

Unswerving commitment, uncompromised dedication, intensity and the extreme is what the peripheric businesses of this universe thrives on. Certainly mobile gaming, social gaming, big data, business intelligence and all those buzzwords are making (depending on how well executed and utilized) the difference between the top notch and those that “just” sling up an online casino and wait for the money to roll in.

On 2015’s i-Gaming Forum in Stockholm we assembled the i-Gaming all-stars, like-minded enthusiasts and game changers. For 2016 I’d like to bring the discussion to the next level. One that is clearly differentiating the (hard)core from the rest of the industry by being excellent, innovative, early adopting and uncompromisingly dedicated.

Join us and get to the core of your business. Agile or giant.

Heidi Scheiffele, Editorial Director