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Münchenbryggeriet is a classic institution and an essential element to Stockholm’s cityscape. It is also a beloved landmark of an industrial era long gone. Beer was manufactured here for over 100 years, the last bottle was filled in 1971. At its manufacturing peak Münchenbryggeriet produced 60.000 bottles per hour. Throughout 1971 and the following year the building saw small industries, offices and, above all, recreational facilities move in on the old brewery set up. Dances hosted by Mälarsalen, courses and banquet amenities were made known and avaliable to the public.

Since 2007 AFA Real Estate is the owner of Münchenbryggeriet’s facilities, which have undergone extensive renovations. Alongside our venues the building hosts several stylish offices representing IT, fashion, media, culture and travel businesses.

In our 23 unique venues, a total of 9000 square meters, people from all over the world get together to confer, celebrate and build relationships and brands. Throughout the year we host aproximately two to three events every day. The width of our events is significant, which we are very excited about. We are passionate about perfecting events and realizing our customers’ sometimes outrageous and incredibly fun ideas!

Münchenbryggeriet has engaged in environmental issues for many years. Among other things, that means we are certified by government standards in the conference and restaurant category. We aim for a sustainable community and our goal is to be Sweden’s most sustainable meeting place.



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