The i-Gaming Forum 2018, takes place as Sweden
reregulates it’s market.

But: does this mean that the Swedish market is up for grabs?

This is, of course, what we will be discussing! A discussion that started in earnest, already last year…  

The time for new partnerships, and for doing business, especially with a focus on the Swedish part of the market, has never been better.

It is safe to say, that in 2018 (parliament votes) and 2019 (reregulation in force in January) – Sweden and Stockholm will be the iGaming hotspot of the world.

And there are of course, very few industries, where digital innovation has as much impact going forward – as the gaming industry.

The i-Gaming Forum, has for the last ten years, had an objective to help create a safe, regulated and responsible gaming envinronment. With a dynamic and positive impact, on a tech-evolving world.

But in todays speed-of-light changing gaming landscape, merely saying this is not enough.  New technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, are set to change the iGaming landscape forever. What happens when a poker player is using AI software, that plays the game better than Stu Ungar or Phil Ivey, with software that is easily accessible and really “user friendly”? And how do we keep up with the massive threats to cyber security, that even the worlds governments are struggling with at the moment?

That AI is the next big thing, goes without saying. For many industries, but definitely this one. There will be ruptures from within the industry, and also, thanks to issues like cyber security, from outside of it.

How to evolve through these turbulent waters, keeping it safe and responsible – whilst still being innovative – that is our mission!


Robert Okpu
Editorial Director
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