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Clas Dahlen

Clas Dahlen
  • Co-Founder, Metal Casino

Clas Dahlen, Co-Founder, Metal Casino.

Clas has a proven track record of driving execution to achieve specific, measurable results and ROI. As a strategic- and tactical marketing executive, in global markets, he delivers a strong business acumen and is known for his significant business development skills.
“- Clas is the most proactive, engaged, active and business-oriented person I know. If you have the opportunity to hire him – Do So!” Dag Lotsander, Exmdl
Key competences includes strategic and creative vision, international strategy, creative business development, analytical skills with intuitive consumer insight and an exceptional drive. Key to his performance is the entrepreneurial spirit, competitive instinct, cross functional experience as well as an ability to span the continuum between strategic and hands on, tactical issues.

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