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“We can not become like Belgium or Denmark”

A large part of gambling in Sweden takes place online. And this is a fast growing sector.
But as Sweden prepares to reregulate it’s gambling market, the Swedish Association of Online Gambling Operators (BOS) sends out a warning:

“As Sweden is entering the home stretch of its reregulation, there are many pieces that still need to fall in place”, says Secretary General Gustaf Hoffstedt.

In June, Sweden’s parliament is expected to vote for reregulation. Which means that the Swedish gaming/gambling market will be reregulated in January 2019.

But Gustaf Hoffstedt, Secretary General of BOS, warns:

“We want to stress two things. First, the importance of competition neutrality. We cannot have a situation like the one in Belgiumand Denmark, where state-owned companies operate in the monopoly market, as well as the license market. Second, the importance of predictability and stability. The government and the Gambling Authority should refrain from the sudden urge to, for example, restrict Return to Player or the extent of the product portfolio”, Gustaf Hoffstedt says to i-gamingforum.com

Gustaf Hoffstedt is one of the speakers, at the 10th i-Gaming Forum at Berns Salonger in Stockholm, on April 17-18.

And this issue is red hot in Sweden, right now.

A report from the Swedish regulator (Swedish Gambling Authority) Lotteriinspektionen, shows that annual online gaming revenue, has more than doubled during the ten year period between 2007 and 2016.

In Sweden, around 40 per cent of all betting and gambling is online. The average for the rest of the EU, is actually slightly less than 20 per cent.

Later this month, Lotteriinspektionen will release its final report for 2017 online betting/gambling patterns.  

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